Laracon EU Madrid 2019

NDSM Wharf

Teatros Luchana

C / Luchana, 38, 28010 - Madrid

Teatros Luchana is a refurbished space whose emblematic entrance, located on a corner of Calle Luchana, is headed by a large neon sign in the purest Broadway style. Large windows reveal the inside of the bar, the threshold of a great establishment which conserves part of the decoration from its former cinemas, with projectors, film cutting and assembling machines.

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Wednesday 22nd May 2019

19:30 Community Drinks & Pizza

Cyber Duck

Thursday 23rd May 2019

08:30 Registration, Coffee & Tea


9:30 Freek Van der Herten
Avatar from Freek Van der Herten at Laracon EU

Supercharging common controllers A while ago I had to create a fairly complicated CRUD interface from scratch. While this isn’t rocket science, there surprisingly aren’t that many good resource out there on how to do this. That’s why our team dove in and published a couple of packages that can help create modern CRUD interface. In this highly practical talk you’ll learn how we nowadays go about creating a CRUD interface at Spatie. We’ll take a look at how we can convert url parameters to a Eloquent query. You’ll learn what view models are. We’ll create some server side components with BladeX and much more.

10:00 Christoph Rumpel
Avatar from Christoph Rumpel at Laracon EU

The Laravel Core - Demystify The Beast Laravel is a fascinating and complex piece of software. It helps us to work fast, solid and secure on our modern PHP applications. But how often do you find yourself taking a look under the hood of Laravel? Knowing your framework is not something you need to learn right away. Maybe you’re even fine without knowing it at all. But the day you start asking questions about how it works, is the day you start improving. Knowing your framework will make you a better developer. In this talk, I want to take you on a little journey through the core of the Laravel framework. It is like the best-of compilation of my free video-series Laravel Core Adventures, where I dig with you through the main concepts and implementations of the Laravel framework. This talk is for everyone who works with Laravel and is interested in learning more about this powerful PHP framework. You will come away with a better understanding of Laravel’s core.

10:30 Coffee & Tea
11:00 Krystal Campioni
Avatar from Krystal Campioni at Laracon EU

When colour theory meets technology: generating delightful and accessible colour schemes Accessible !== boring black and white. In this talk we’ll explore how to use VueJS to put colour theory principles in practice; this way we can allow our users to select beautiful colour schemes for their websites and still guarantee that people with visual impairments can read the content. 1.3 billion people in the world live with some sort of visual impairment, and in Norway, it is already illegal to create inaccessible websites.

11:30 Sander van Hooft
Avatar from Sander van Hooft at Laracon EU

Using Laravel Cashier in Europe European customers prefer other payment methods than Laravel Cashier currently offers. I’ve spent a while looking into current Cashier solutions, other packages, and tried to hack these to better fit the European market. It seemed impossible to find a solution that offered Europe-specific payment methods and advanced subscription features in a single package. So I ended up crafting an entirely new Cashier package myself. In this talk I’ll show you how you can use this new Laravel Cashier package to let your customers pay for a recurring subscription using the payment method of their choice.

12:00 Nuno Maduro
Avatar from Nuno Maduro at Laracon EU

Writing Effective PHP PHP has evolved massively since its first days, and it’s on the road to a full-featured language. However, at the same time, there is a lot of outdated information and libraries with poorly written code. This talk is about writing PHP Code that is: safe, robust, and maintainable. We are going to cover a set of rules, that if you follow them; they will get you on the habit of writing code well. Get ready for a 25 min live-coding session, where I go through practical examples. You will learn how to design classes, how to think about your API to prevent breaking changes, and discover concepts around designing and creating objects, when and how to use immutability, and much more.

12:30 Lunch, Drinks and Mingle


14:00 Marcel Pociot
Avatar from Marcel Pociot at Laracon EU

Realtime Application with Laravel More and more web applications add real-time functionality like chats or collaborative editing. This is being done by making use of WebSockets. In this session, I will show what else you can do with WebSockets, besides the typical "chat" example and how you can make use of WebSockets in your next Laravel application.

14:30 Vitor Caneco
Avatar from Vitor Caneco at Laracon EU

Utility-First CSS: Build a clean Component based system You may be familiar with the time when the CSS of your application reaches the point when you start adding some weird classes like: `.title--24px, .section__big--diff-2, button-primary--important, etc, …` This often happens when you receive that request from the Stakeholders to have the same panel element, but with some slight differences? Or maybe that express request for an individual primary button to have more space on the top? So, instead of creating some later.css, or just add !important here and there, join us and hear how and why an utility-first approach could save you a lot of time… but most of all, some big headaches.

15:00 Dimitris Savvopoulos
Avatar from Dimitris Savvopoulos at Laracon EU

Event Sourcing with eloquent from scratch Event Sourcing, CQRS, events, event-based models... We’ve probably heard these terms before and we might somehow understand their concept. The concept of feeding our database with events seems so powerful and yet, so complex to implement. In this talk, we be pragmatic and see step by step how you can implement event sourcing in your (existing) laravel app with eloquent models and observers.

15:30 Coffee & Tea
16:00 Antti Rössi
Avatar from Antti Rössi at Laracon EU

How your Laravel application can get hacked, and how to prevent that from happening. You’ve probably heard about the likes of XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, RCE, Man-in-the-middle attack, and LFI. Very few of the developers out there have actually witnessed first-hand what exploiting any of the mentioned vulnerabilities looks like, and therefor don’t necessarily realise what the possible implications of being hacked can be. In this talk we’ll exploit some commonly known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that can occur to a Laravel application running on a Linux-based host. By learning to think like a hacker you’ll be able to develop more secure applications with Laravel, and to keep yourself, your clients, and your users data safe.

16:30 Julien Bourdeau
Avatar from Julien Bourdeau at Laracon EU

Building multi-tenant and multi-domain Laravel app In this talk, we’ll build a multi-tenant and multi-domain app where the user can access an admin dashboard but also publish content on a custom domain. We’ll see how to handle multiple domains (not only subdomains) while keeping routing simple and how to provide SSL easily using Caddy. We’ll also go over how to keep data separated in a single database context.

17:00 Adam Wathan
Avatar from Adam Wathan at Laracon EU

Advanced Vue Component Design It’s easy to think of Vue as a library for simply building UI components, but the component model is actually a lot more powerful and widely applicable than you might expect. In this talk you’ll learn how to build reusable components that encapsulate all sorts of non-traditional behaviors, from fetching JSON in your markup to simulating element queries.

17:30-19:00 Drinks and Mingle


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