Lars Peterke Software Engineer

Lars Peterke is a full stack web developer from Bremen, Germany. He is creating websites, business applications and other tools using Laravel and Vue. In 2018 he published his first book “Vue.js: kurz & gut” with O’Reilly Germany. He works at KING Art Games and helps them in creating exciting video games such as the upcoming strategy title Iron Harvest. In his free time he likes writing game reviews, doing improv or stand up comedy and spending countless hours with board games.

Vue.js for Beginners

Learn the basics of Vue.js, one of the most thriving JavaScript-Frameworks out there. This workshop will introduce you to all fundamentals of Vue. We’ll be covering topics such as data binding, events, input handling and more, while we’re building our first simple application step by step. We’ll dive into Vue components and other advanced topics that help us craft modular and reusable applications. We are going to explore the Vue CLI and Vue projects along with other useful tools of the ecosystem and top it all off by adding Laravel into the mix. You’ll need a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Bring your own laptop with your favorite text editor and a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox).

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