Sander van Hooft Independent software architect

Sander van Hooft is an independent software architect and consultant. He discovered Laravel in search of a framework suitable for both rapid prototyping and evolving into enterprise grade solutions. Intrigued, Sander published a free E-mail course 'Laravel package development from scratch’ and specialised in the FinTech industry. He now partners with Mollie Payments to provide easy European payment processing to the Laravel community.

Using Laravel Cashier in Europe

European customers prefer other payment methods than Laravel Cashier currently offers. I’ve spent a while looking into current Cashier solutions, other packages, and tried to hack these to better fit the European market. It seemed impossible to find a solution that offered Europe-specific payment methods and advanced subscription features in a single package. So I ended up crafting an entirely new Cashier package myself. In this talk I’ll show you how you can use this new Laravel Cashier package to let your customers pay for a recurring subscription using the payment method of their choice.

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