Michal Ksionek Backend Developer at DocPlanner

Michał is a PHP developer at DocPlanner, he works in Warsaw, but enjoys a trip to DocPlanner's office in Barcelona - but not in the summer. He likes DDD and is always keen to lead EventStorming session, but his main goal is to beat Head of the FrontEnd team in FIFA. During weekends he can be found on cycling trails or listening Nick Cave's music.

SOLID in Architecture

Most of us know what SOLID in software engineering is. SOLID rules help us with designing our classes, methods etc. But what about organizing those classes into modules? And how to connect modules with other modules? During this talk, you'll learn what are the main principles in terms of designing components and managing dependencies between them. These principles are for designing architecture the same as SOLID rules are for development. You don't have to be a software architect to take advantage of them!

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