Jenny Shen UX and Localisation Consultant

Jenny Shen ( is a UX strategist and localisation consultant who helps global organisations expand into new markets and guide businesses to get seriously strategic about UX. She has worked with startups and brands including Neiman Marcus, Crate&Barrel, IBM, Babylon Health and Randstad. In her spare time, she mentors designers ( and develops global community strategy as the EMEA Director at Ladies that UX (

Persuasive Design Patterns—Design experiences that enhance and align with motivations

Just because people can do something does not guarantee that they will. Firstly, they must be motivated. Secondly, they must be persuaded to make decisions. Understanding the emotions that support the desired behavior is the key to conversion. With experience in reward programs, B2C and e-commerce services, Jenny will show you how to apply psychology and persuasive design patterns, and why they work. You will learn the underlying psychological principles that drive humans toward action, and how to win customers and keep them without Please-Don’t-Go pop-ups.

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