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As a Technologist, Futurist and Software Engineer I believe “That we are to witness the most exciting time in humanities existence and already do today.” My generation was born when technology got to a critical point of exponential growth and we were the last ones to catch a glimpse at the way a world without digital technology looks like and developed side by side with it. Technology undoubtedly has changed, is changing and will continue to change our lives and is already a significant part of it. Before this became an indisputable fact, I was first fascinated by technology when I watched Steve Jobs unveil the first iPhone in 2007. It was amazing to see the underlying science and became for me the start of a life shaped by science and technology. I started with studying software development, got my B.Sc. and have been working at ABOUT YOU for more than 3 years now.

Less Pain with Gain, how Laravel helps you scale your Applications

When starting a new project you can’t always predict what the scope will be, which features might be added on the way or how big the Application might get for that matter. The key problem here is obvious; Even if your application is executable, it might not be readable or understandable for other Developers. Luckily Laravel is great in helping you keep your code organized, separate functionality and handle peak workloads, even if you might not be able to avoid refactoring at some point, it’s way less painful. With Vapor on the horizon and most concerns about infrastructure scalability out of the way, in this talk, we will focus on Laravel's: Service Containers, Events and Queues. Showing how they help you keep your application organized and modularize even on the go.

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