Leo Sjoberg Developer at Jobilla

Having started out with PHP in high school, Leo now works as a full-stack software developer at Jobilla. He spends most of his work hours figuring out how to make recruitment better and more reliable with Laravel, Vue, and Kubernetes. Leo spends his spare time running marathons and explaining golang and docker to his rubber duck.

Infinite Scale: Deploying and Scaling Laravel on Kubernetes

Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes have become big buzzwords in the last few years. As applications have grown more complex, we've split them out into smaller chunks to better manage development, and then had to figure out how to manage the mess we've created for ourselves. We've figured out how to automatically scale up resources only when needed, and then scale them back down, saving those in the know from appallingly high server costs. For most, however, this is all still a mystery. For 30 minutes, we will dive right into this mess, figuring out how Kubernetes ties into Docker, how to deploy Laravel on Kubernetes, and ultimately, configure autoscaling. We will also look at some of the pitfalls of web applications in Kubernetes, and how they can be avoided. When the half hour is up, you might not yet feel confident with Kubernetes, but you'll know how to deploy Laravel, whether Kubernetes is a good idea, and how autoscaling really works.

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