Antti Rössi Co-Founder & CTO @ Jobilla Oy

Antti is a Finnish IT entrepreneur, software enthusiast and a white hat hacker. His days are spent running a recruitment technology company Jobilla, and during night-time he loves to focus on infosec topics like pentesting and reverse engineering.

How your Laravel application can get hacked, and how to prevent that from happening.

You’ve probably heard about XSS, SQL Injection, and RCE. Very few developers out there have actually witnessed first-hand what exploiting any of the mentioned vulnerabilities looks like, and therefor don’t necessarily understand the consequences that having such vulnerabilities in your application can have. In this talk we’ll exploit some commonly known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that can occur to a Laravel application running on a Linux based host. By learning to think like a hacker you’ll be able to develop more secure applications with Laravel, and to keep yourself, your clients, and your users data safe.aoe

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