Dries Vints Developer at Laravel

Dries is a software engineer from Antwerp, Belgium and one of the core team members of [Laravel](https://laravel.com) where he mostly works on the open source libraries. He's passionate about open source development, building communities, managing software teams and creating testable and maintainable products. These days he focuses a lot on Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing. Besides working for Laravel he also organizes meetups for [Full Stack Belgium](https://fullstackbelgium.be) in the cities of [Antwerp](https://www.meetup.com/fullstackantwerp) and [Ghent](https://www.meetup.com/fullstackghent). And he is the co-organizer of [Full Stack Europe](https://fullstackeurope.com), a conference for every kind of developer which will take place in the city of Antwerp.

Event Sourcing in Laravel with EventSauce

In this talk we're going to take a look at what Event Sourcing is and how we can integrate it a Laravel application. We'll first briefly go through the theory behind Event Sourcing and after that we'll make use of the EventSauce library to show you a real practical approach at how to set up a basic app with some aggregate roots, some projections and some process managers. To wrap things up we'll go through some tips on how you can leverage Event Sourcing in specific situations. You'll learn - Basic theory about event sourcing - How to implement it in a Laravel app - Using the eventsauce/laravel-eventsauce library - A number of practical benefits you get from an event sourced application

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