Chris Brown Co-Founder at Zen Cart

Chris has been involved with Open Source since 2003 when he co-founded the Zen Cart e-commerce application. He's the current project maintainer for the popular Spatie Laravel-Permissions package, and an active contributor to the Laravel Valet project. Chris is also an avid believer in empowering people to make their own impact on the world, and as a Public Speaking coach he helps equip people to conquer their fears and ensure their message can be communicated clearly.

Close the Gate! Using Laravel's Authorization Layer

Authorization (controlling access via permissions) is often confused with Authentication (identifying a user/request). Yet it's not as complicated as it may seem! In this talk we will dig into the many features provided by Laravel's Authorization layer (gates and policies) to control access. Along the way we will identify some tips to make things easier, look at performance and code maintenance, as well as things to consider for more advanced or complex apps. We will also cover several popular packages which offer advanced functionality, and why/when to use them.

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