Ryuta Hamasaki Software Engineer at Kurashicom

Ryuta is a software engineer at Kurashicom, a Tokyo/Japan based company that provides e-commerce and media web services. He started his career in web development using Laravel and has been a big fan of it for 5 years. He also likes to write JavaScript with Vue.js and Angular. Living in Tokyo, he spends his free time playing the bass guitar.

Cache busting using Laravel Mix and CDN

Laravel Mix is an easy-to-use tool for building assets without writing Webpack config. It works out of the box for 80% use cases. However, in real-world applications which have high traffic or global audience, you need to serve assets from CDN with proper cache busting strategy for the purpose of performance gain. Laravel Mix doesn’t support uploading and serving assets from CDN by default, but you can achieve this by customizing Laravel Mix setup and Laravel's helper function. In this session, I’ll walk you through how to serve assets from CDN with proper cache busting strategy using Laravel Mix.

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