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Marten Westphal - Speaker at Laracon EU 2018

Marten Westphal

Software Developer - Business Intelligence

About Marten

As a Technologist, Futurist and Software Engineer I believe “That we are to witness the most exciting time in humanities existence and already do today.” My generation was born when technology got to a critical point of exponential growth and we were the last ones to catch a glimpse at the way a world without digital technology looks like and developed side by side with it. Technology undoubtedly has changed, is changing and will continue to change our lives and is already a significant part of it. Before this became an indisputable fact, I was first fascinated by technology when I watched Steve Jobs unveil the first iPhone in 2007. It was amazing to see the underlying science and became for me the start of a life shaped by science and technology. I started with studying software development, got my B.Sc. and started working at ABOUT YOU two and half year ago, fascinated by the fast pace development, innovation and the perspective to rapidly expand my horizon as a Software Engineer.


How we abused PHP and Laravel to do Big Data

Using PHP and Laravel to build a Data Consolidation Framework sounds like the most amazing idea ever, we know. Considering obvious alternative Technologies like Airflow, Spark and so on, why did we decide two years ago to make this move from our previously used Hadoop System and venture into these unknown territories. Let’s take together this journey we were on for the last two years. Revisit the dead ends and traps we ran into, how we changed directions more then once taking a completely different path then anticipated, got help from version upgrades and rethought how we use PHP and Laravel over and over again, to match our requirements. Evaluating the potential of our frankenbaby.

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