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Erika Heidi - Speaker at Laracon EU 2018

Erika Heidi

Web Dev and DevOp

About Erika

Erika Heidi is a web developer (and sometimes devOp) located in Amsterdam, but originally from Brazil.


5 [fun] ways to fall in love [again] with code (with Christopher Pitt)

The daily struggles of software engineering can often make us forget what made us fall in love with coding for the first time. Some will blame the routine, some will blame the poorly-documented-and-untested-code, but one thing is certain: a change in the scenery is a great way to sparkle the romance back in any long-term relationship. This talk will extrapolate the boundaries of software to show you 5 fun ways to fall in love (again) with code, with the inevitable collateral of making your family and friends fall in love with it too.

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