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About the Conference

Laracon EU is a unique international Laravel event with over 750 attendees. The conference has multiple tracks and is focusing on in-depth technical talks. Come learn about the state of the industry while networking with like-minded and diversely experienced developers.

What about the waitinglist? When sales open, we'll offer tickets to the waiting list first, in chronological signup order. After that, we will release leftover tickets publicly.

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When and where does this conference takes place? The exact dates are yet to be decided, but we are aiming late august, beginning of september 2018. The event takes place in Amsterdam, the main event will be 2 full days during week-days. The day before the main conference we have hands-on expert training, which require a separate ticket.

Is this conference for me? Are you a developer who has a passion for building web-applications? Do you love Laravel or are just in the processing of getting started? Do you want to meet the community members that help make it all happen? Then this is the place to be. Laracon EU is the single largest gathering of Laravel developers and enthusiasts in Europe. It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse group of people that work in your space.

Is the conference in English? Yes, all sessions will be in English.

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