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Paweł Lewtak - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Paweł Lewtak

Senior Developer

About Pawel

Developer with 9 years of experience with backend systems. Worked on them on every level starting from requirements analysis and writing specification till deployment on production. Working with Python, PHP, MySQL and other technologies. Big fan and evangelist of continuous learning and TDD. Organiser of Coding Dojo sessions.


Improve your developer's toolset

For PHP development we mainly focus on IDE, browser and maybe a bit of command line. I want to focus on command line tools which seem to be a bit forgotten these days. Let me show a few tools I'm using on daily basis and how they helped me become more productive. I'll prove it's possible to start up a new environment from scratch that feels like $HOME. Finally I want to convince you how important it is to constantly challenge yourself and your tools, how useful is a custom toolbox tailored to you.

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