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Marcel Pociot - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Marcel Pociot

Creator of Botman

About Marcel

Marcel is a backend developer at the ORT interactive GmbH in Germany, which builds custom Laravel web projects. When he is not on his day job, you can find Marcel tinkering with his arcade cabinet or working on various open-source PHP projects and maintaining the most popular PHP chatbot framework "BotMan".


From zero to multi-platform Chatbot with BotMan

Have you tried to write a Chatbot for multiple messaging platforms like Facebook, Telegram or Slack? It is quite cumbersome as each messaging platform has it's own way of communicating with your application. Let us find out how to simplify this task and create an intelligent Chatbot using PHP, BotMan and Laravel. When you come out of this session, I am sure you will want to start building your own chat bot.

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