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Freek Van der Herten - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Freek Van der Herten

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About Freek

Freek is a partner and developer at Spatie, an Antwerp based company that specializes in creating Laravel apps. The company has an open source first mentality and has released over a hundred packages. When not coding Freek is probably rehearsing with his kraut-rock band.


Building a realtime dashboard with Laravel, Vue and Pusher

On the wall mounted TV in our office a dashboard is displayed. At a glance we can see what the current tasks for each member of our team are, which important events are coming up, which music is playing, ... and much more. In this talk I'll explain how we leveraged both Laravel and Vue to build the dashboard. After demonstrating the dashboard itself we'll take a deep dive in the code. We'll take a look at the entire flow: the grid system, how events are broadcasted using Pusher, some cool Vue mixins and much more. After this talk you’ll be able to setup your dashboard using our open sourced code.

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