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Evan You - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Evan You

Author of Vue.JS

About Evan

Evan is a developer, designer and creative coder. He is the author of Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building modern web interfaces with reactive components. In the past Evan worked at Meteor Development Group on the most starred full-stack JavaScript framework on GitHub, and before that spent two years at Google Creative Lab hacking on experimental UI prototypes for various Google products.


Inside Vue Components

If you've used Vue with Laravel, you've likely become used to the single file Vue components that just works out of the box. This talk will discuss how we moved from the traditional language-based separation of concern to this new pattern for composing UI in our apps, how this trend is reflected in the bigger frontend scene as a whole, and some technical details on how all the magic happens under the hood.


Vue.js: Advanced Use Cases from the Ground Up

We almost always reach for existing libraries when dealing with advanced app features such as routing, state management, form validation and i18n, and a lot of times the implementations behind these libraries can be a black box. In this workshop we are going to build simple versions of such libraries from the ground up using basic Vue features. This will help you better understand the nature of these problems and how to better leverage Vue’s reactivity system to come up with elegant solutions.

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