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Dries Vints - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Dries Vints

Lead Developer at BeatSwitch

About Dries

Dries is the lead developer at BeatSwitch, a startup in Antwerp which builds software for the festival and music industry. Besides his daytime job, he's active as an open-source contributor and maintains, the Laravel community portal. He also founded and co-organizes the PHP Antwerp user group.


Building your API with Apiary & Dredd

Building API's often involves writing tests which are directly bound to the codebase of the API. Besides writing tests you also want to provide a thorough and up-to-date documentation of your API for your users or developers. Keeping your API in sync with your documentation can be a tedious thing. Apiary & Dredd can help you solve these problems. In this live-coding talk you will learn how to leverage Dredd to test your API against a Blueprint specification instead of using tests. After that we're going to see how we can use Apiary to provide public and constantly up-to-date documentation for your users and developers. We'll take a closer look at Dredd hooks and Blueprint to see how we can use it to its max. potential. Eventually we'll integrate all of this in a continuous integration workflow so we can automate the process altogether. To wrap it up we'll check into some extra features Apiary offers to build your API.

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