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Amo Chohan - Speaker at Laracon EU 2017

Amo Chohan

Head of Web Development, Energy Aspects

About Amo

Amo is Head of Development at London based energy commodities research firm, Energy Aspects and oversees the development of the systems used across three international sites. He has worked in-house and consulted for a number of companies throughout the UK, Europe and Japan and has a career in web development spanning over 10 years. A TDD and Laravel evangelist, and novice pilot.


12 tried and tested top tips for better testing

This presentation shares some of my most frequently used tips and tricks which have helped me to improve how I tackle writing automated tests – from tweaking your workflow, to the way that you actually execute your tests. I'll share real-life insights into my own daily workflow, and provide examples of how these tips have helped me to write better tests, stay focused, improve stakeholder communication, save time, and write less - but significantly better code. This talk aims to be a fun, somewhat opinionated insight into the way that I've found success with testing. You'll learn 12 new tips for testing, and receive with a cool little sticker which when applied to the right surface, *will transform your testing process. (*will = might)

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