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Call for proposals has ended The CFP closed on April 15th, 2017.

How can I get chosen to speak? You can stand out from our other submissions. Simply read the following thoroughly before submitting your proposals.

Become a Speaker

How can I design a session that fits Laracon EU? You need to be able to answer the question, “After this session, attendees will be able to return to their company with the ability to _________”.

We’re looking for very practical and impactful skills. Each session should be designed to empower the developer in a meaningful and directly applicable way.

While it’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary to submit your proposal with this in mind. The more thought you put into this aspect of your proposal, the more likely you are to stand out from the hundreds of submissions.

Do I need to have previous speaking experience? We want to hear from you whether or not you are the among the the most eloquent speakers of our time or you have never had a conversation with more than 3 people at once.

However, no small part of imbuing knowledge is delivering information in a way that can be easily understood.

In order to ensure that our attendees get the most from your session, it would be a good idea to give your talk at one or more local meetups. This gives you the opportunity to work out transitions and bugs in your session that will make both you and the audience more satisfied with the end result.

There are many experienced speakers in our community and organization staff who would be happy to provide coaching.

What happens if my session is chosen? We’ll contact you and let you know that we’re interested in your session. We’ll discuss some practicalities and give you a windows of time in which you can confirm your participation.

Once confirmed, we’ll focus on preparing and managing as much as possible so that you have the most comfortable and rewarding speaking experience possible.

We will have a short Skype call to discuss Laracon EU, the attendees, and your talk and we will explore ways in which your talk can be designed and adapted to best fit this event.

What happens if my session is not chosen? We know that it’s not fun to be left wondering what is going to happen. So, we’ll contact you and let you know that your session was not chosen by May 8th.

Are travel and hotel provided for speakers? Yes, travel costs and hotel reservations are covered for speakers. The provided hotel stay will include breakfasts.

Speakers are invited to attend a speaker’s dinner to welcome them to the event and to get to know the people with whom they will be working.

Speakers will be provided event passes and will have access to all snacks and lunches that are provided. Other dinners and snacks are not provided.

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