Laracon EU 2013 Talks

Building Artisan Commands

Taylor Otwell

The creator of Laravel gives a talk about building artisan commands, the IoC container, queues, testing, and some upcoming Laravel features.

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Standardization, the Symfony Way

Fabien Potencier

The creator of Symfony, talks about Symfony (on top of which Laravel is built), modern PHP, and standardization.

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Software Design Patterns in Laravel 4

Phill Sparks

Popular community contributor Phill Sparks discusses some commonly used design patterns and how they're used in Laravel 4.

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Engineering Complex Applications with Laravel 4

Kapil Verma

Community contributor Kapil Verma talks about his experiences writing large applications with Laravel 4 and his current architectural approaches.

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Laravel Testing Tips, Techniques and Pitfalls

Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way, editor at TutsPlus and creator of talks about automated testing of Laravel applications.

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Objects, Testing and Responsibility

Matthew Machuga

Laravel community moderator / support maven, Matthew Machuga talks about object-oriented programming and testing.

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The Knowledge of Others

Frank de Jonge

FuelPHP core-developer, Frank de Jonge talks about keeping up-to-date with new technologies and what we can learn from exploring seemingly unrelated systems.

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Bridging the Gap

Ben Corlett

Ben Corlett, lead developer at Cartalyst, talks about how to approach package development and how to build packages so that they work in any codebase.

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In-depth Composer

Jordi Boggiano

In this talk, Jordi Boggiano the co-creator and maintainer of Composer skips over the basics gives insight into some of the more advanced capabilities of composer.

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HTTP and Your Angry Dog

Ross Tuck

Ross Tuck delights the audience with a fun and interesting talk about the HTTP protocol, strategies for versioning APIs, etags and much more.

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